Tracy M. Coughenour
Corporate Benefits Manager
KS Industries, LP
Bakersfield, Calif.

We do not believe in handing our employees an insurance policy, but rather an insurance advocacy team. We could have the best programs in place, but if our employees can’t navigate the plan, it hurts them and our bottom line. Our internal benefits team provides education, claim assistance and even billing negotiations.

It is not only my responsibility to meet our company’s goals, but also to ensure our employees are getting the best care available to preserve their wellness, both mentally and physically. Some of our benefits are provided at no expense, such as our employee assistance program, to allow immediate access to care for those struggling with life issues. Throughout the year, we remind employees how their program works and offer prudent care options. 

We continue to stay on top of industry trends while reviewing our history of both successes and failures. Our commitment to provide quality care to our employees promotes our vision of honesty, integrity, and precision at work.

Jeff Wieser
Wieser Brothers General Contractor
La Crescent, Minn.

The mission statement at Wieser Brothers is “Build long-term client relationships by exceeding their needs and supporting their future success.” This also holds true when it comes to our talented workforce. We want to support employee success, retain productive employees and help plan for their future.

Part of retaining a top-performing workforce is offering a competitive benefits package. We offer a variety of benefits, from safety glasses reimbursement to paid sabbatical leave, and continually look for new ways to enhance our plans each year.

We don’t want our workers worrying about rising health care costs and retirement security. By taking that worry away, we have found long-term team members are more engaged and satisfied in their jobs.

Another important part of curbing employee turnover is offering paid educational training, along with performance-based pay. 

For Wieser Brothers, attracting and maintaining a skilled workforce has been the right mix of benefits and competitive pay.

Jeffrey Carpenter
Vice President of Finance & Accounting
Mays Concrete, Inc.
Grand Junction, Colo.

Convincing employees to make construction their career choice involves providing a good benefits package that is understandable and affordable. We have used a partially self-insured model for the past 10 years that allows us to structure our plan to fit our group. Structured tiers (e.g., employee, employee with spouse or employee with children) and family tiers—along with cost participation—minimizes the financial burden to the satisfaction of both employer and employee.    

Making sure employees and their families have access to medical, dental and vision care allows the employee to focus on job performance and enhances production budgets. It becomes a win-win for the company and employees.

Feedback from employees is essential for plan modifications. Turnover rates have diminished as employees consider the cost/benefit of making an employment change. Changing jobs to earn an extra $1 per hour and risk losing a good plan will stop most employees in their tracks.