Charlie Evans
Director of Operations
Brindley Construction, LLC
Pulaski, Tenn.

In today’s ultra-competitive construction industry, it becomes imperative for a construction company to have a sound project team that can define, estimate, procure and execute a project on time and within budget.

The first step in this process is developing a well-defined scope of work. The team needs to interface early and often with the client to get a firm understanding of the client’s expectations and help the client identify gaps in scope definition that can be addressed before the start of the project.

Estimators then can take that scope and produce an estimate that helps to formulate a solid project budget. Once the budget is defined, the buyout of the project is performed. The cost is always compared back to the budget to make sure there are no busts. If a bust is identified, it is closely analyzed by the team and client.

The bottom line: Everyone must fully understand the scope of the work, communicate on a regular basis and address issues as they come up.

Ned Foster
Proposal Writer
Pinkard Construction
Lakewood, Colo.

For construction managers at risk, leveraging an effective preconstruction phase is the single biggest strategy for keeping a project within budget.

On a recent state project, our client recognized that its proposed renovation would be fraught with unforeseen conditions. To further complicate matters, the client’s wish list amounted to almost $29 million with a budget of only $11 million.

By working with the architect during programming to assist with the budget, Pinkard was able to provide enhanced targeted pricing and very accurate estimates. We also locked in pricing for long-lead materials and equipment. To mitigate cost overruns during construction, Pinkard and the architect worked with the client to create a budget that anticipated massive unforeseen conditions. Pinkard and the architect also found money-saving alternates the client could activate as needed during construction, which proved to be a highly successful approach.

Sandra Olson
Vice President/General Counsel
Roche Constructors, Inc.
Las Vegas

Roche Constructors, Inc., embraces each project and addresses any challenges that may be involved by assuming an active leadership role. To keep projects on or under budget, we consult with the client and coordinate plans, design specifications, phasing and operation methods with the design team and the state and local authorities. All of this is done during preconstruction.

Roche researches and integrates the choice of design, materials, schedule and subcontractor pricing into the renovation and construction requirements. We maintain project purpose and best overall value by continually evaluating and coordinating all facets of the project with the entire team.

Roche leads the value engineering process and increases the project’s overall value while delivering significant cost savings to its clients. Roche and its subcontractors meet individually to identify and coordinate the options to save money while not compromising on quality. These ideas are then discussed with the architect and the client to determine next steps.