As the economy improves and housing starts increase, prices for construction materials and services are on the rise, especially for steel and lumber-based products.

Prices for plastering and drywall services are predicted to jump 14.4 percent in 2015, while prices for drywall itself are forecast to climb 13.6 percent this year, according to IBISWorld.

Fire sprinkler systems will increase 8.1 percent in price, followed by ladders (6.9 percent), cement (6.8 percent), countertop and cabinet installation (6.4 percent) and wood floor installation (6.2 percent), IBIS World says.

In addition, prices will increase 11.3 percent in the abrasives market, which includes pads, cloths, discs and blasters needed to buff wheels and belts used in industrial settings.

Hydraulic cylinders, which are important components of many industrial machines, are expected to experience high price growth—7.6 percent in 2015—as suppliers capitalize on burgeoning demand.

“In addition to the rising trend toward automation among manufacturers, high volatility in the global prices of steel and aluminum has encouraged suppliers to increase prices in an effort to protect profit margins,” says IBISWorld research analyst Jeffrey Cohen, who added that prices for industrial robots are projected to increase 7.7 percent in 2015.