Randy Cannella            
Corporate HS&E Manager
MMR Constructors, Inc.
Baton Rouge, La.

The ABC STEP program has been instrumental in the creation of an effective HS&E program at MMR. Our HS&E plan is based on the belief that positive attitudes, common values, best practices and well-communicated expectations lead to zero injuries and incidents. 

Through the STEP program, we have learned that enforcing personal accountability, encouraging employee involvement in all HS&E-related decisions and providing performance incentives are crucial elements in creating a structurally sound safety culture. As a result, we train our employees to recognize warning signs, conduct field inspections, understand regulatory and company standards, initiate “stop work authority” and reward good reporting practices. 

We are thankful not only for the systematic approach the STEP program has provided us in examining and evaluating safety and loss prevention, but also for the innovative ideas that can be applied to our specialty trade. The program has truly enhanced our company’s safety philosophy.   

Sam Scaturro
Director of Operations
Alpine Painting
Paterson, N.J.

ABC’s STEP program has reinforced our company’s positive safety culture. In the past, only management evaluated our safety practices. Now, the ABC Safety Committee has given us an outside, third-party perspective. I know it is imperative to demonstrate to our workforce and clients that Alpine Painting takes our safety culture seriously because of the long-lasting effects it has on every aspect of a project.

In addition, safer workplaces lead to fewer accidents as well as uninterrupted work with superior performance from our journeymen. I believe the STEP program encourages a culture of safety in the minds of our workforce and management that allows for the planning of projects to provide the maximum amount of productivity, plus workplace protection. A successful project or company depends on fast, efficient work that does not risk the safety of its employees. The STEP program evaluates a safe working culture and pushes us to exceed our current safety standards and performance.

Sherman Faulkner
Safety Manager
Keystone Concrete Placement
Schertz, Texas

As a safety manager, the most important factor in a safety program is a strong foundation that can be built upon. ABC’s STEP program has given us just that. When all of the elements of the STEP program are implemented, it provides a stronger base to build upon. We are able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, improve all areas of our own safety program.

Holding everyone accountable for safety, goal setting, and safety budget tracking and evaluation are three attributes of the STEP program that have allowed me to increase the success of our safety program. These attributes have guided me to increase employee training and direct our overall safety program on a daily basis.

By implementing the ingredients introduced from the STEP program, we have been able to get our EMR and TRIR to nearly half of the industry’s standard. We are very proud of our safety program and have found great benefits of incorporating the STEP program into our everyday activities.