Charles M. Loving, III
R.W. Murray Co.
Manassas, Va.

Networking and sharing experiences among peers is an imperative part of personal and professional development, so R.W. Murray Co. feels it is essential to participate in an industry-related peer group. The priceless experiences we gain by participating improve our positions as executives and enhance our relationships with employees and customers.

Some examples of our executives gaining invaluable insight include group members acting as sounding boards and sharing diverse perspectives in similar situations that might occur; sharing contact information and leads in areas outside of our territory; confirming salaries, benefits and best practices to recruit top talent; assisting with succession planning and next generation leadership identification; and helping identify key industry trends. 

Peer groups also cultivate meaningful professional relationships and friendships—ones where members hold each other accountable throughout the year for corporate and personal goals, and are there to give helpful suggestions. 

Drew Wagner
D.J. Wagner Heating & Air Conditioning
Westville, N.J.

Participating in an ABC peer group has been one of my best business decisions. Our group performed office and shop audits to see the differences in how each company was set up for receiving, shipping, warehousing and fabrication. I believe each group member took an idea from each visit and made some changes within their shop that made their day-to-day operations run smoother.

The second part of the audit was interviewing key employees. I found that experience so enlightening and I became energized speaking to the individuals. Employees had a chance to share their best practices and owners had an opportunity to give feedback on an issue they were experiencing. A report for each audit was presented to group members to analyze an outsider’s objective viewpoint of their company.

David Chapin
Willmar Electric Service
Lincoln, Neb.

By far the biggest benefit is the sounding board for ideas. We are a small company of 150 people and have been owned by the same family for more than 94 years. For high-level issues, all of our life experiences and work history come from one family and one business. Having a peer group that can serve as a sounding board gives us valuable diversity.

Sometimes we think we have a great idea and when we bring it to the group, we find out they already tried our idea and they can give us insight on whether it worked out for them. By listening and learning from them, we don’t have to try and fail at something because their results can serve as our research.

Additionally, peer groups allow people that occupy similar roles within our companies (e.g., estimators and prefabrication managers) to exchange ideas. 

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