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Outside Influences on the Interior Construction Market

  The long-term outlook for interior building contractors and suppliers is highly complex because it’s influenced by economic cycles, the relentless corporate goal of cost minimization, and the growing urgency among universities, government agencies and nonprofits to manage costs more carefully.

Take a Strategic Approach To PPACA Compliance

  While much about the PPACA implementation remains uncertain, employers cannot afford to ignore it. Businesses seeking to mitigate potential liability under the PPACA—now and in the future—need to take a strategic and comprehensive approach to complying with the law.

2014 Senate Races to Watch

Alaska is the last state in our series on races that could have a major impact on the 2014 Senate elections. Sen. Begich is fighting an uphill battle in a deeply conservative state. Democrats will attempt to make the race about GOP nominee and former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan, but the true wild card will be the unpredictable Alaska electorate and its penchant for third-party spoilers. Expect this race to go down to the wire and factor heavily into Senate control.

Third Time’s a Charm?

After back-to-back elections filled with big promises and eventual disappointment, Republican onlookers can be forgiven for any skepticism regarding their chances of winning the Senate majority in 2014. But for all of the wasted potential and missed opportunities of the past two cycles, Republicans will enjoy distinct structural advantages this coming November that were lacking in years past. In short, 2014 represents the party’s best chance to seize control of the upper chamber.

Making a National Impact

Nearly 35 years ago, Dan Brodbeck graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in civil engineering and joined the construction workforce—where he found not just a job, but a lifelong passion for the industry. Today, his enthusiasm for the merit shop construction industry remains firmly intact as a small business owner and 2014 national chairman of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

Inward Focus

Want to know where the most economic activity will take place in the next few years? Forget New England, the Pacific Coast and the shores of the Great Lakes. It’s time to look inward. So says a 2013 Manhattan Institute report, “America’s Growth Corridors,” which identifies four regions boasting population, income, employment and GDP growth—plus affordable housing, good business environments and the political will to exploit their natural resources.
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