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Quality Meetings Demand a Quality Meeting Space

One of the most common complaints on a construction project is poor communication. It is impossible to accurately calculate what poor communication costs because it usually cannot be isolated as the reason an accident occurred, installation mistakes were made or labor budgets were exceeded.  

The Pursuit of Operational Perfection - Part 2

Construction organizations that aggressively strive to incrementally improve the quality of the conditions of their production environment while in the pursuit of daily crew production flow will differentiate themselves from their competitors. They will enjoy significantly improved productivity as they get closer to their vision of zero incidents and zero defects.

The Pursuit of Operational Perfection - Part 1

The retirement of older workers, the job losses predicated by the economic downturn and the perception of construction work as a “last choice” all point to a shortage of qualified craft professionals at a time when demand for massive upgrades to infrastructure, industrial facilities and commercial space is on the horizon. There is no doubt of the need to attract, recruit and train large numbers of new construction workers. In the meantime, another way exists to defer the impact of this pending shortage of workers: dramatically improve the use of the current workforce.

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